koalas.com was founded to bring global awareness to the threats of these beautiful and unique animals. Koalas are the central focus, but we aim to shed light on several causes including other animals that are threatened/endangered.

Koalas are cool and our slogan “We’re Kool!” says it all. Emphasizing the coolness and unique characteristics of koalas makes these wonderful creatures more relatable to people of all ages across the globe. The cool factor takes a serious subject, and makes it digestible. Being a US based company allows us to creatively spread this message of conservation/preservation within the states and other world locations where koalas are not native. Educating the masses, helping koalas, helping animals, helping people and supporting causes are our goals.


So, Are Koalas Endangered?

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In 2012, the Australian government listed koalas as “Vulnerable”. To better understand the question “Are koalas Endangered”, we must clarify the categorization by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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